Adults Out of Control: The Spread of Stress Reactivity

Stress is a problem but it is a disaster for kids.

What is particularly harmful is stress reactivity. Stress reactivity means that you are threat reactive–that you have a low threshold for threat, and perceived threat triggers a stress response. This is not a good use of the stress response….Babies cannot calm themselves down and, from the beginning of life, must be taught to do so through sensitive care. If caregivers let babies cry too much and too often without comfort, this can lead to stress reactivity in multiple systems. In the last post I pointed out three aspects of self-control that parents and other caregivers influence in the first months and years of life–social self control with mother, vagal tone (related to nearly all body systems) and hippocampal glucorticoid receptor proteins (for control of anxiety)….”

Adults Out of Control: The Spread of Stress Reactivity

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