College is too difficult

Here are some considerations in how to plan for college.

““My college education,” wrote Robert Benchley in 1927, “was no haphazard affair. My courses were all selected with a very definite aim in view, with a serious purpose in mind — no classes before eleven in the morning or after two-thirty in the afternoon, and nothing on Saturday at all. That was my slogan. On that rock was my education built. As what is known as the Classical Course involved practically no afternoon laboratory work, whereas in the Scientific Course a man’s time was never his own until four p.m. anyway, I went in for the classic. But only such classics as allowed for a good sleep in the morning. There is such a thing as being a studying fool…”   College is too difficult

“…Daniel Reichwein spent three of his 29 years homeless, living in shelters, sleeping in a tool shed, or fashioning a makeshift home from a tent he pitched in a patch of woods in Fredericksburg.

But earlier this month, Reichwein completed his associate degree at Germanna Community College, graduating with highest honors. Summa Cum Laude, having earned a 3.93 GPA.He’s no longer homeless, has a job and is eager to pursue his bachelor’s degree in business…..” Despite struggles, students succeed

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