Despite Honduran deaths, U.S. presses drug policy

The war on drugs has been going on for over 40 years and there has been no improvement in the situation. This is for a simple reason: it is in nobody’s perceived best interest to terminate it.

Over 90 percent of the Heroin supply comes from 4 percent of the land in Afghanistan and we could wipe it out in seconds given the political will. There is no place in Latin America where the army and security forces cannot move in and wipe out the growing fields in short order. This is their land and they know it because it is their survival.

However, there is a lot of money and jobs tied up in drug war on foreign soil. There is also a lot of lives being lost. We are talking of women and children that have nothing to do with the war. We are raising the children of Latin America to be smugglers and killers to satisfy our insatiable cravings to escape reality.

The drug war needs to be fought in the US because it is a US problem. It does not need to be fought with guns and prisons but with education by the leaders of the nation.

The single biggest beneficiary of the war on drugs is the criminal justice complex and in the world of civil forfeitures they are in the process of becoming independent of the tax payer base they used to respond to. This lays the foundation for a police state that is not to far from what Lincoln warned us about in the Gettysburg address.

Despite Honduran deaths, U.S. presses drug policy

And then there is the law of unintended consequences: ‘…A decade of crackdowns on Central America’s out-of-control street crime and drug trafficking has left the region dotted with fire-prone prisons often crammed with more than twice the number of inmates they can safely handle….’
Deadly Honduran fire could occur across region

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