Can wages be garnished for old debt?

I have seen women getting out of prison that have done some ten or more years get contacted by all kinds of collection agencies as well as other agencies asking for this and that when their first pay stubs hit the tax rolls.

Some debts are not collectable as is pointed out in the article linked below. Others like child support just build on the books till their release and as soon as their name hits some sort of social security payroll then state child support payments will have to be arranged.

I have also seen it happened where the threat of filing for back child support has been used as a control mechanism by whom ever was taking care of the child.

Banks have a special mechanism for collections. Where as some debts may have been run up during drug highs and be over ten years old, banks will not allow you to open a checking account. This could be a deal breaker on employment as many companies to check to bank.

The best advice is to see a credit counselor for unbiased information on how to deal with the assorted problems. Be careful to find one that is not affiliated with banks or collection agencies. Then gather up as much paperwork and outline the questions relating to all your debts so that a complete picture can be put together. Can wages be garnished for old debt?

Do take a look at the link because you may find you are in a better position than you think.

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