Lack of skilled workers hounds manufacturers

Last summer when I was riding to the four corners of the nation on my motorcycle, there were three conversations that spoke to the same topic and amazed me at the time. They were with professional journeymen that had skills they would have been happy to teach younger men and women but no one was interested.

The linked article talks of this in considerable detail.Manufacturers want certificate, help finding skilled workers Now think in terms of when going to college, go to a community college that teaches the basic of a host of related skills and you may think in terms of stacking skills around a certain area that will make you an incredible find in spite of a prison record.

This assumes that there is an area of expertise you have in mind. The following link speaks to the dropout rate among colleges is about 30 percent and they drop out with great debt that can not be avoided. They are clear to point out that those with a clear idea of what they want to do have almost a neglible drop out rate. Education analysts raise new concern: dropouts with debt.

The state of Florida has an employement skills program and test that is available on line. A person coming out of prison would be well served to take it while waiting for a college semester to start. It could serve as a good primer for preparing for college in brushing up on a lot of basic math and logic skills as well as show initiative and making you more employable while looking for a job on release from prison.
Florida Works and Crosswalks to the National Work Readiness Credential
The EFF Work Readiness Credential

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