Suicides are surging among US troops

On the surface, there may appear no connection of suicides among US troops but the reality is no one knows. I would argue that there is a potential link or similarity in many cases what women and children face on repeated sentencing and then being released to a world where there is little or no apparent potential for a life.

You can argue the reality of that statement but having felt the little or no potential on my return from Vietnam and what I see and hear from those women getting released, having been released and returned, there is indeed a similarity.

The missing link is no one has investigated the potential fact and in large part it has been ignored because to become aware of it means we have to own it.

This is not unlike the link between brain injuries from IADs and hits on the football field. It was not until autopsies showed the presence of a protein that was a product of such injuries in both parties.

My sense is that as time goes on we will find a like protein in abused babies that suffer from physical abuse. Think in terms of case law to evolve in cases where spousal abuse becomes a base for lifetime payouts in civil litigation. Think in terms where state agencies failed to act in a timely manner or appropriate manner in view of the damage done and the civil litigation.

Imagine the head aches the NFL and their insurance carriers must be going through with the massive class action law suit coming from the players. The evidence of injuries is in every inch of football reporting.

This is a time for those that have been abused to seek all kinds of documentation from law enforcement, hospitals and social work agencies. Not to be forgotten is notorized statements from friends and relatives in conjunction with those statements or more importently in the absence of such evidence.

That is in the for what it is worth department today.
Suicides are surging among US troops
Master complaint for concussion lawsuits against NFL filed


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