Big Brother’s all-seeing eye

This is an article by Andrew P. Napolitano, who is a former judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey, is the senior judicial analyst at Fox News Channel.

He writes on the implications of the use of  (golf ball size) drones by the military to support law enforcement. It is a very powerful argument and having been a member of the military community for twenty some years, it is easy to see the stretches he talks of become a reality.

Not because they are bad people but because the significance of discipline and following orders takes on new meaning when it is tied to lives in life and death situations. Also, intelligence and the flow of information tends to move quickly without filtering by the very nature of the beast.

It could very well work out that if in peace time, the speedy flow of information is restricted, these habits and patterns of behavior could be carried into tactical situations which could result in the death of men and women on the battlefield. Big Brother’s all-seeing eye

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