Students sink futures into subprime college educations

Education can be the key to a meaningful life for those coming out of prison or it can be another albatross hanging around their neck. In today’s editorial page, George Will points out again that 29 percent of those that go to college don’t graduate.

This is a number that equates in simple terms to 1 out of 4 men and women that walk through the doors. There is an awful lot of them that come to college only because they can get loans. The moment a person drops out of college the bill comes due and there is no way to avoid this one. Getting the loan is easy because student loans are backed by the government.

If a person is going to make this equation work for them then they will need a clear goal to sustain them when times get tough and tough they will get. College is a long haul and a person needs something at the end of the road to sustain them on their journey.

A second point George Will makes is that many who get degrees, get degrees that have precious little if any economic value once you graduate. It would help to have a clear idea of the end value of a degree and not just what has appeal at the front end. Once again, we come back to a clear goal.

It helps to minimize the college loans by working as much as reasonable as well as minimizing expenses.
Students sink futures into subprime college educations

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