A Festival of Lies: Perjury in a Michigan Cocaine Case

We know from the reporting of the problems in the evidence room at the Alachua County Sheriff’s facility that poor record keeping was not only a practice but also a practice to deny defense attorney’s access of evidence and that dates were entered in collusion with other individuals associated with the prosecution of the cases. This is a fact and nothing has been done to correct what amounts to tampering with the evidence.

On the surface this could be said to be an isolated local case. But it is not as seen in the commentary in the following link.A Festival of Lies: Perjury in a Michigan Cocaine Case

Law enforcement is a big business and there is not only lots of money to be made by police departments but the sheriff and state’s attorney are elective office’s that serve as a stepping strong to higher state and national offices. Law enforcement agencies depend of civil forfeiture to finance many aspects of their operations to include the militarization of their organizations.

We can see from the Michigan case how the criminal justice community comes together. So, the question that falls out of this case and what we know of the Alachua case in the evidence locker, has the last chapter been written or is it yet to be written but just has not been published?

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