The Opposite Of Poverty Is Justice

             This link was sent to me by a friend who I have not seen months. He is a doctor deeply committed to social issues and a go to man when I need questions answered. Had to watch this film clip four times and it am going to have to go over it at least four more times to capture the entire impact. I do invite you to watch it and think in terms of the average education level of the men and women in Florida prisons is the 6th grade.
              As I was traveling around the country last year, it was obvious that fear was the driving force of the incarceration of so many. Not fear from the outside but there was some sort of fear inside those I saw that had nothing to do with the reality of the world we live in today. You did not ask but I would say it was the fears of Yesterday. The politics of the nation have been able to capture and exploit this fear since the days of the antibellum south.
               Don’t go near this if you don’t want to be challenged. The Opposite Of Poverty Is Justice

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