Painkiller use breeds new face of heroin addiction

In a way it is a surprise but in another way it is not. “Kids in the city know not to touch it, but the message never got out to the suburbs,” said Roberts, who founded the Heroin Epidemic Relief Organization to help other families cope with the shock of teen heroin use. Like most parents in upper-middle class neighborhoods, Roberts said, “We didn’t think it would ever be a problem out here.”

What saddens me is that over 90 percent of the heroin grown and supplied to the world market comes from Afghanistan. It only occupies maybe 4 percent of the country. You would think that with the chemicals available, areal spray capacity of the air force that this would be a no brainer. I guess NATO much less the political establishment in the US just does not have the political will to do what has to be done.

You only need to follow the money in the biggest money laundering operation in the world to find that it is the criminal justice complex that holds the winning hand. No illegal drugs and no police actions, civil fortfeitures, swat teams, courts and etc.
Painkiller use breeds new face of heroin addiction

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