Cops won’t charge dad who killed his daughter’s abuser

This is one of those issues where mob rule has taken over in the name of ‘human decency.’ I am reminded of one of the books that was required reading in my senior year of high school called the The Ox-Bow Incident. It to was a story of mob rule and the death of some 3 or 4 men for what appeared to be in your face evidence. It was later made into a movie that gave faces to what might have been other wise paper characters. This to did not result in a trial.

Opinions were sharply divided about what should happen to the dad from Shiner, Texas, who used his bare hands to beat to death a man he reportedly caught sexually assaulting his 5-year-old daughter. Now police have announced their verdict: The father won’t be charged. “He was just protecting his daughter and doing what he thought he had to do to protect his daughter,” said Sheriff Micah Harmon from the Lavaca County Sheriff’s Office, adding that he believes the father is remorseful for his actions. Harmon concluded that the incident had been “traumatizing” for the girl and her family — something everyone is sure to agree on. Cops won’t charge dad who killed his daughter’s abuser

Handcuffed Lynching

As traumatizing as it may have been there needs to be some sort of inquest/investigation because the power to dismiss such incidents is nothing more than the power to turn back the clock to periods of history like ‘Reconstruction Era of the United States where there was no law but the power of emotions ruled. An era when the sheriff who was elected made law by what amounted to popular fiat.

One of the most notorious lynchings in U.S. history occurred in Marianna, Florida – some two hundred miles from where Harry Moore grew up. The lynching of Claude Neal was the last of the so-called spectacle lynchings. [Claude Neal]…” It gets better “…This unidentified man was one of 61 African-Americans lynched in Florida from 1921-1946.…”Freedom Never Dies..

If we reverse the process we will find that a peek on those sitting on death row result in one out of seven or nine are taken off of death row for wrongful convictions. However, no one has ever counted up the wrongful lynching during Reconstruction that held all the same dynamics as the Sheriff declining to charge the father for killing the abuser of his daughter without investigation.

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