Editorial: Sensible Sentences for Nonviolent Offenders

Don’t know that politics makes for good laws or that politicians are the ones to make laws.

‘…A primary cause of rising costs is longer sentences. Offenders released in 2009 from state prisons served, on average, almost three years behind bars, nine months longer than those released in 1990. A new study by the Pew Center on the States reports that additional time in prison costs states more than $10 billion. More than half the extra cost was for nonviolent offenders….’

Have been going in and out of prisons for 15 years as a volunteer and there are about 15 or so percent of the inmates I have seen that I am so glad they are there. The rest could have been and in my opinion should have been dealt with in a more constructive/creative manner.

Editorial: Sensible Sentences for Nonviolent Offenders (PEW Foundation)
Sensible Sentences for Nonviolent Offenders (NYT)

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