Florida planning additional prison privatization

It seems as if no sooner than one projected prison privatization scheme gets sidetracked than the state of Florida has another shoe to drop. Only this time it is paired with an effort to privatize the health services as well.

Ken Wood, acting president of Teamster Local 2011 had a truely interesting comment on the privatization of the health service. “it is irresponsible to give away the only part of the correctional system that makes money for the state.” Now, who would have thought that the prison medical department made money?  Florida planning additional prison privatization

Today, Paul Krugman had an editorial about the New Jersey privatization of halfway houses (same move Gov. Scott is trying to do as cited in the above article.) It turns out that the governor of New Jersey was a lobbyist for the private contractor that got the bid for the halfway houses prior to becoming governor and awarding them the contract.

The strength of the editorial rests in the closing paragraph ‘…The point, then, is that you shouldn’t imagine that what the Times discovered about prison privatization in New Jersey is an isolated instance of bad behavior. It is, instead, almost surely a glimpse of a pervasive and growing reality, of a corrupt nexus of privatization and patronage that is undermining government across much of our nation….”

I guess we could say New Jersey or Florida then same of different.
Privatized prisons lead to hellish halfway houses

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1 Response to Florida planning additional prison privatization

  1. This has been happening in Texas, too, for many years. It has been a bad move for everyone except the prison corporations (primarily Corrections Corporation of American and GEO Group). Texas taxpayers, cities and towns, and — most of all — inmates are being royally screwed.

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