Gainesville police shoot (kill) man diagnosed with schizophrenia (part 2)

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about the killing of a schetzophrenic by the Gainesville Police Department.gainesville-police-shoot-(kill)-man-diagnosed-with-schizophrenia. What  we had was incompetent government housing regulations complicated by dumb bureaucrats supervised by self-serving administrators under the guise of political correctness exercising insensitive decisions compounded by poor police procedures.

This entire incident would never have happened if the onsite 24 hour a day managers for a non-profit organization had not been forced move off of property by HUD. The non-profit did have a 24 hour a day trained manager on call but they were not called.

No doubt HUD will say that it was a regrettable but unavoidable incident. The politicians will put a spin on it that will absolve them of their oversight supervision. The police will say something to the effect that we did it by the book. In the meantime, the life of a mentally challenged man has been snuffed out and he will pass into oblivion because nobody cared enough to do something that needed to be done.

Everyone involved followed regulations like good little administrators and bureaucrats. Political correctness trumped efforts by a non-profit to do not only what the state would not do but what was the right thing. God help us if we have a relative or child that falls into a like trap. Our limited options

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4 Responses to Gainesville police shoot (kill) man diagnosed with schizophrenia (part 2)

  1. Carol Glavin says:

    You are so right…This is disgusting and SAD!!

  2. Dean says:

    These are excellent points for everyone to reflect upon as there might be systemic problems that can be fixed in the future.

    The police officers, who are supposed to protect people, took the life of an innocent man who did not harm anyone and had no such intentions as he was a man of law. These police officers, who are either incompetent and/or a mismatch for their current duties as evidenced by this tragedy, should receive appropriate type of counseling for such severe and inappropriate use of their authority and deadly weapons when such force was not needed. The actions of these two police officers demonstrate that we live in a world where there is little to no regard for human life, as it seems that they have lost the human touch in making critical decisions when it counts the most.

    Mr. Ghulam Yahya Mujtaba “Yahya” was a man of discipline and law. He respected official authority and truly believed that the main job and task of government officials are to serve their communities. He believed one must be disciplined in everything he or she does in order to serve those who count on him/her. Yahya was an avid reader as he studied poetry, spiritual books, and political writings. He generally kept his views to himself and contributed to family gatherings and group discussions by mentioning facts and examples. Yahya’s photographic memory enabled him to recall details of events and extrapolate on them based on future events and possibilities. He followed a strict diet. For exercise, he walked regularly for one to two hours each day as he believed walking is good for the body as well as the mind. Upon his immigration to the USA he took English courses to improve his ability to speak with the locals here. Although his English was getting better, it was still difficult for him to communicate with others fluently and to understand others who spoke English fast. Professionally, Yahya was a retired colonel from the Afghan National Army. He came to the United States as it is often perceived to be a country with a strong rule of law, individual rights and justice for all. As an American citizen, he dreamed of living a peaceful life here in the United States with his wife, four brothers, thirteen nephews and nieces, and many other educated and loving friends and family members who are residing in Florida, California, Michigan, and other locations across the country.

    Yahya weighed about 145 pounds—very weak for a man who was nearly six feet tall. Unfortunately, Yahya was killed by two police officers perhaps due to a misunderstanding, miscommunication, and/or gross incompetence of the police officers on the scene. Hopefully the investigators in this tragic case can remain objective as they determine what caused two official public agents to use deadly weapon to kill an innocent man when other options were possible to settle a conflict between two individuals with physical and mental disabilities. Just like everyone else, people with mental illnesses and disabilities must especially be treated with more sensitivity since they have already suffered too much from their God-given challenges.

    May Mr. Yahya rest in peace!

    • Bell says:

      All Mr. Yahya needed was someone to help him calm down and help him in this time of need; this was his disability. But instead he was shot in seconds without any regards to his disability, lack of English language fluency, and the community of challenged individuals that he lived in. May be the police thought that is the poor and challenged part of the town and that they did not have to take the time to help him and that they can just get away with shooting him. This was Mr. Yahya’s disability, but he has never hurt anyone. He just needed a few minutes to calm down. Instead, he was yelled at, intimidated, and made worst. He could not understand English that well either, especially when both officers treated him harshly instead of calming him down. Everyone says this was a cruel act by the police when they had several other options.

  3. Dean says:

    Hello Bell, thanks for your comments. Yes, it was truly a sad tragedy that should not have happenned. Trained public officials who are trusted with deadly firearms need to be more responsible in their actions – they need to think critically in such moments. Too many such mistakes have happened throughout the country and something is obviously wrong when police officers make assumptions and, at times, hide their own mistakes. Hopefully there will be a thorough, unbiased and objective investigation to determine what went wrong, to change whatever policies and procedures that need changing, and to make sure more effective protocols are followed in the future.

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