No prison for cop convicted of battery

This came across my Facebook page and thought someone had played some tricks with Photoshop. So, went to Google and sure enough, it was for real. Now we are talking of a police officer that was kicking a women in the head while in handcuffs that was sitting on the curb.

He decides to go before a judge and gets ten years’ probation and mandatory classes on anger issues. To make matters worse is that this is not the first time he has done such things. My sense is that if he had not been caught on camera nothing would have come of it.

We are talking of a full grown man kicking a woman in handcuffs. Now tell me there is not collusion of police and judicial. Don’t know how many people I have meet in prison doing time for similar activities.

Think of what would have been the outcome if it had been someone kicking the policeman in the head?

Do click on the link to see this for yourself. No prison for cop convicted of battery

1.  Trial video shows Lincoln cop kick
2.  Cop in abuse case: It was self defense
3.  Lincoln officer had assault conviction

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