National Reconnaissance Office accused of illegally collecting personal data

 There is a problem when government agencies start to grow with almost unlimited funds in that you never know which way they will grow. Often, they will grow unchecked in ways that will come back to haunt not so much us but our children.

As I was reading this article, I am reminded of the fall of East Germany and the subsequent opening of the files kept by the East German Secret Police (Stasi) through a storming of the buildings by the public. They had amassed a mountain of information on all members of the country. Much of which was just plain rumors to give one person some leverage over the down fall of another.

What we don’t need is another Stasi but make no mistake we are getting several and they range from the CIA, TSA and through the alphabet soup of counter terrorism and police forces. These are ‘….“This is bureaucracy run amok. These practices violate the rights of Americans, and it’s not even for a good reason….’

I guess it is time for another chapter in Animal Farm. We only need change the reference from Stalin and Socialism to President _____ and USA.

National Reconnaissance Office accused of illegally collecting personal data

And then there is FaceBook that just monitors it and passes whatever they think appropriate to whatever they think are the appropriate agencies.Facebook Monitors Your Chats for Criminal Activity [REPORT]

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