States fight ‘tourists’ trafficking painkillers

 To speak to the market place is a big mistake when fighting illegal drugs. Markets come and go depending on demand and supply. The problem is what is driving the demand.

My own sense in this the 70th year of my life is that when someone has a meaningless life, then they need to escape from it. Addictions are the hallmark of a meaningless life. This country has a major addiction problem by any stretch of the imagination.

Whereas this article is a good story it is a story that fails to get below the surface. Yep, they are filling prisons with drama and trauma. Yep, the pharmaceutical industry is making billions of dollars in the manufacturing of legal drugs to compete with the illegal drugs coming across the borders.

The biggest yep is the criminal justice community has thousands and thousands of men and women whose lives are invested in the markets for illegal drugs. This market fills county jails, state and federal prisons as well as court houses and the streets.

My sense is that if drugs were to be made legal at any given point an economic tsunami that would make the depression of the 1930s look like a party on the Titanic.

Florida has always been a mecca for lawlessness that dates back to prohibition when rum runners brought rum in from Cuba and Hispaniola. The most recent chapters being the era of the cocaine cowboys and now pill mills. Its the money from these illegal activities that drives so much of the Florida economy and politics. You could almost say that the economy and politics support the illegal activity.

States fight ‘tourists’ trafficking painkillers

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