Florida Supreme Court upholds state’s drug law

 The most important aspect of this legislation and the Florida Supreme Court validation of it is that essentially, it is get caught and there is nothing more than a series of administrative actions from a jail cell to prison cell with no judicial intervention. That is unless you have the money to hire those that are needed to make your case of innocence.

Makes a mockery of justice and takes away the balance of power and adversarial procedure in a trial that keeps everyone focused on the law and its correct application.

No matter how you cut this legislation and the subsequent approval by the Florida
Supreme Court, it is the clearest case of corruption and distortion of the rights of man. A return  to Napoleonic law where you are guilty till proven innocent and you have to prove your innocence from a jail cell if you don’t have the money to throw bail and do your own research.

Then in the process of doing research, the charge of tampering with a witness or tampering with evidence will magically appear.

In the end, it is sloppy police work, sloppy and lazy prosecution and a land of no law but deals cut on the side. And again we have prison filled with men, women and children that have no business being there.

This is a rural poverty program in the form of prison construction and employment. Don’t think so, then think in terms of Jackson and Jefferson County Florida where prisons are the single largest employers.

I would and will say that there is a lot of information available to suggest that a deal was cut between the state’s attorney office and state supreme court in that the supreme court got a by on illegal filling for elective office and the state’s attorney got a validation of a law that requires no work but guarantee’s lots of convictions.

The legislature just gave the Supreme Court a Taj Majal of an office and the Supreme Court gave the legislature its drug law. Now, tell me there was no deal struck behind closed doors.

Florida Supreme Court upholds state’s drug law
Florida’s Drug Statutes Unconstitutional: Blame the Florida Legislature
Case 6:07-cv-00839-MSS-KRS Document 28 Filed 01/28/11 Page 2 of 39
Florida: Drug Laws Ruled Unconstitutional
Supreme Court Finding

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