Feds OK Fla. access to citizens list

This may very well be a big win for Scott and the Feds but it is a big and I mean big loss for the citizens of this country. My sense is that there is going to be a much bigger fall out than just purging voters lists in Florida.

This will be the first and most likely the single biggest sets of interactions between state population lists and homeland security. Not only will a host of people that have gone from one place to another to build new lives because of who knows what kind of jam they were caught up in but it will be the lead in countless investigations to suck in innocent people in this or that action they had no connection with. You would think that Gov. Scott was a point man for the next administration chief of Homeland Security.

This is something that George Orwell could not have thought up in his wildest fantasy.

Feds OK Fla. access to citizens list

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