Penn State report shows limits of campus crime law

 The one thing you can never surrender is the awareness and responsibility for your own safety. One would think that a walk through any campus would be a safe experience at any hour. The reality is that any business, community or organization that is dependent on appearances for their wellbeing is tempted to suppress, repress, ignore or invalidate any press that gives lie to the image they are attempting to promote.

In the case of colleges and universities, for over two decades they have been required to publically share details of campus crimes to the federal government. This has not been done by a number of universities and Penn State is the best example of it as well as the consequences of it.

This article is a good read for anyone sending a child to a university as well as anyone contemplating going to one. Not so much as it is a make or break decision but how to structure your classes as movement around the campus.

My sense is that the law suits that will fall out of the Penn State child abuse incidents will force other institutions to make a serious effort to not only comply with reporting requirements but also take those steps needed to address campus security.

The big question is what happens in those cases where administrators have not complied with reporting requirements in the past and have placed students at risk for not complying with federal requirements. The answer is obvious: nothing. Dumb question.

Penn State report shows limits of campus crime law

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