Lack of exercise kills roughly as many as smoking

  Back in the day when Ike was president, he became worried about the general physical wellbeing of America’s youth. So, he instituted a study to see how they fared. It was not well. As a result he instituted a series of steps to upgrade their physical wellbeing.

The main one was a physical exercise test in school that in some form every child was to take the program and pass. I can remember the entire class being brought into the school gym once or twice a semester and tested.

There was another part that had to do with the sports program in school was to be improved but do not have much of a memory of that part.

However, over the years physical training and sports have been whittled down for some sort of psychobabble or another. Parallel has been a growing influence of TV, computers, cell phones and etc. The result is starting to surface:

Lack of exercise kills roughly as many as smoking, study says

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