Marine Corps creates law enforcement battalions

 On the surface this sounds like a good idea because of the justification of the US being involved in so many peace keeping operations. However, the truth is that when you develop a resource there is the tendency to over use it. In part, this will be because other nations and the UN will see it and ask for it. All of which puts us in harm’s way with the potential for an excessive number of foreign entanglements.

The marines already have 3 MP battalions and one goes with each division. So, if such a force was needed then there could be a temporary call up. The good news on temporary call ups or diversions is that there is a constant tension from the service to get those units back because they do have a very critical mission in conjunction with the operations of the force they are designed to support.

There is a far greater danger to creating such a force and that is in the event of a perceived emergency or tension within the US, it is easy to declare martial law or just for the president to move them to the hot spot and assign them to support whatever federal agency needs reinforcement without declaring martial law or a national emergency.

It is surprising that such a force would be created under the auspices of a democratic president who called for the closing of Guantanamo and then again wrote an executive order saying that the military could detain anyone that was suspected of being terrorists without due process of law much less legal representation.

A very good argument could be made that we are moving towards a police state as all the mechanisms are not only being put in place but growing and developing. . Marine Corps creates law enforcement battalions

On par but reinforcing is the development of software that closely parallels a movie of not many years ago called Minority Report (film). Would hate to think of maybe 10 or 20 Tom Cruise’s running around the country eliminating potential trouble spots prior to them becoming trouble spots with three battions of maring MPs on call to back him up.

We are all potential victims based what we may say or think in heated moments where we may say, write or think but not acting out.‘Minority Report’ software hits the real world

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