Another chapter in the militarization of the police

 This may sound a little melodramatic but you give the police enough toys and they are going to have to use them if for no other reason than to justify having them.

This is what happened in a small Massachusetts beach town when they were having some of their traditional beach bond fires.

Now this is not a big thing and it would seem to me that one or two squad cars with police that had a degree of emotional intelligence could certainly put down such an incident. Better yet is when you see the timber and lumber be stacked for a beach fire when there is a ban on such activities then you call out the parks department or trash trucks and have them haul it away. Better yet, call out the fire department as a backup and have them put out the fires. Someone said common sense is not so common any more if it ever was.

Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell recently bought this Rook, a device her SWAT team will use to deal with barricaded subjects, hostage situations and other times when civilians and deputies could be fired on.

Once again, give the police a bunch of toys and they will use them. This time, no one got hurt but the next time, some gun happy cop or better yet some green cop will think the crack of wood in a fire is a shot and who knows what will follow but for sure it will be both messy and bloody.

“That was a full military operation… I mean hummers up and down the beach, state police helicopters, horseback, bomb squad, [and] a command post up the center,” said Fred Hayden, who owns a summer home in Humarock.
Some Humarock Residents Discuss Seceding From Scituate In Bonfire Dispute

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