PBA announces endorsements

 This is going to be an interesting experiment: Track the effectiveness of BPA endorsements. In this case, it also mentions those that they withheld endorsements. In the south, the PBA and associated law enforcements organizations are important political players.

In part, this accounts for the high rates or incarceration that is unrelated to the public safety. Just a thought.

PBA announces endorsements

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at 9:31 by


The North Florida Chapter of the Police Benevolent Association has announced the following candidate endorsements in the primaries for county and state legislative races:

State House District 20 – Clovis Watson Jr. . (D)
State House District 21 – Aaron Bosshardt (D)
Alachua County Commission, District 1 – Brandon Kutner (R) (Kutner is the PBA chapter president)
Alachua County Commission, District 3 – Ken Cornell (D)
Bradford County Sheriff – Gordon Smith (D)
Gilchrist County Sheriff – Robert Roux Jr. (R)
Levy County Sheriff – Evan Sullivan (R)


The PBA decided not to endorse either Mike Byerly or Roberta Lopez in the Democratic primary for Alachua County Commission District 1, Kutner said

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