Many killers who go free with Florida ‘stand your ground’ law have history of violence

It does not take long for the law of unintended consequences to take hold when there is sloppy legislation. However, in Florida it appears there is no hurry to correct sloppy legislation because to do so would be to admit that there was any sloppy legislation.

This link is to some really good research not done by the legislature but by the press. The most startling revelation is : A Tampa Bay Times analysis of stand your ground cases found that it has been people like Moorer — those with records of crime and violence — who have benefited most from the controversial legislation. A review of arrest records for those involved in more than 100 fatal stand your ground cases shows:

• Nearly 60 percent of those who claimed self-defense had been arrested at least once before the day they killed someone.

• More than 30 of those defendants, about one in three, had been accused of violent crimes, including assault, battery or robbery. Dozens had drug offenses on their records.

Killers have invoked stand your ground even after repeated run-ins with the law. Forty percent had three arrests or more. Dozens had at least four arrests.

More than a third of the defendants had previously been in trouble for threatening someone with a gun or illegally carrying a weapon….’

and the beat goes on. No wonder Florida has a violent crime record seldom matched by any other state. In fact, not once since 1960 has it gone under the national average.

Many killers who go free with Florida ‘stand your ground’ law have history of violence

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