US: Peru overtakes Colombia as top cocaine producer

A police officer stands amid packages of cocaine seized along with other materials in anti-drug operations in Peru, during a presentation to the press in Lima on May 18, 2012. More than 1.5 tons of cocaine were confiscated.

Cannot help but think of the story by Edgar Allen Poe of the House of Usher (House of Usher (film) and The Fall of the House of Usher (book) )every time I read an article of this nature about cocaine.

The numbers are mind boggling in that they stagger the imagination. ‘…”Potential production of pure cocaine in Colombia is down to 195 metric tons (in 2011) from 700 metric tons in 2001, the lowest production potential level since 1994 and the first time since 1995 that Colombia is producing less cocaine than either Peru or Bolivia,”…’ 

However, “….The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime released an estimate last week that Colombia could produce 345 metric tons of cocaine in 2011….” Think of how many men, women and children are making their lines of cocaine because they have such shallow lives that they need something outside of themselves to give them meaning.

Think in terms of the dissipation of any form of morality and self-control when access to a line of coke is denied because of insufficient funds. Think in terms of exploitation and corruption of men, women and children that creeps into government, business and society.

Nowhere is it mentioned the violence that has found it way into the streets of this Hemisphere? The blood of innocent men, women and children that runs in the street because they were in the wrong place at the right time or married to either someone in the business of trafficking or combating the traffic.

Now, we are only talking of the production of Colombia which has fallen to third place. ‘…Kerlikowske said the decline in Colombian cocaine production is largely the result of Plan Colombia, a $7.5 billion U.S.-backed effort launched in 1999 to help the South American government crack down on a left-wing insurgency and drug organizations…’

No where is the figure on how much the cartels have made, the distortion to the international money supplies, the corruption of governments and commercial banking institutions as well as the lives ruined. All because the US and some European countries have become nations of The Hollow Men.

US: Peru overtakes Colombia as top cocaine producer

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