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The formation of the mind.

The formation of the mind.

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This is a short and focused film clip on prisons. However, the most interesting part is at the end where the viewer can see the organizations that came together to support the film clip.

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California man still in prison two years after conviction overturned

I did not think this was possible: “Daniel Larsen had his felony conviction overturned more than two years ago. But the California man continues to sit in a California prison while the state attorney general appeals a federal magistrate’s decision … Continue reading

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Cannabis smoking ‘permanently lowers IQ’

I am never shure of the validity of this type of research because it seems to me that the outcome is designed to reinforce the beliefs of the person or persons who designed the research project. This comes from New … Continue reading

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sex and cigarettes in federal prisons

In theory, federal prisons have been smoke free for a number of years. However, I suspect that like the state prisons, the staff are not subject to the smokeless prison regulations and as such are in a very good position … Continue reading

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Critter Crashes

For me, this was a great article as I will be traveling to the Artic Circle next summer and a huge chunk of it will be through the northern part of Canada.Critter Crashes: How To Avoid Deer And Other Animals … Continue reading

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The Emerging Mind: How relationships and the embodied brain shape who we are

Renowned academic, author, and director of the Mindsight Institute Dan Siegel, visits the RSA to reveal an extremely rare thing — a working definition of the mind. It is great.

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