Police official outraged by tweet

This is one of those situations that will lead to no good. There are enough problems not only between the public and the police but to add a racially charged atmosphere is a recipe for a disaster. This is especially so in Florida where the Zimmerman affair has yet to be settled.
Don’t know why but it seems as if all parties should or could come to the table with some adult and responsible supervision to guide the discussion. Whereas the focus is on the players tweet about killing police, cannot help but wonder what the story was on the traffic stop and if there was not some of the traditional police short sightedness and poor performance at the stop that enraged a college student. Then again it could be a college student that thought he was untouchable in a college town that had gotten football players out of legal trouble because they were first string players.
     Lots of exploration to do on the subject but it has risen its head and deserves some adult supervision. If this is not settled quickly it will surely get out of hand when the unions, politicians and who knows what other groups will see this as a tool of  self-Aggrandizement to exploit. 
   You would think that in a college town that is also the state capital there would be plenty of mechanisms, experience and political maturity that this would never have risen to the level it has resin. The potential for this turning into an explosive situation is enormous given the economics of the time and this being an election with less than 100 days to voting and the standings being so close. Police official outraged by tweet

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