It is election time and the Criminal Justice Community is on the prowl so ‘hold your noses’

 Don’t know that I have ever seen a presidential election cycle that has been less concerned about the great issues surrounding the democratic process but it appears to be more related to a bargain basement sale of government for votes. It seems as if the value of a race is determined by the contestant’s ability to raise money and not present a clear and concise statement of issues and their vision of corrective measures.

At the crest of blurring issues comes the criminal justice community: A quarter of a century ago, a much younger John Martin made some foolish choices, got busted for drug possession and DWI and paid the price. Ultimately, he turned his negatives into something positive, becoming a drug counselor himself.

“We feel very strongly that John has not only learned from his mistake, but he’s trying to teach others not to make the same mistake,” Keith Faulk, then president of the local Police Benevolent Association, said in 1998, when the police union endorsed Martin for the County Commission.

That was then. Now the PBA has its own candidate — Brandon Kutner — running against Martin. Now the PBA is sending out mailers asking voters “Why should we trust convicted felon John Martin?”

To make sure nobody misses the point, the dark mailer includes a mug shot-style photo of Martin set off against white lines of cocaine and a razor blade.Editorial: Hold your noses

Note on the results of the election and the PBA turnaround:Voter backlash
Have followed the electoral process as an active voter for about 50 years and this year have yet to hear any debate on the issues that plague our country. However, the 30 second sound bites and contests for campaign contributions is amazing.

Case in point is the Post Office is about to miss a 5 billion dollar payment to its retirement fund and not one congressman nor the president has initiated action nor mentioned it in their pandering for campaign contributions on the same month as the payment will be missed.

People and businesses don’t put money down unless there is an expectation of a pay back of some sort in the future. Men and women don’t run for government office without some expectation of a payback once they get to office. We only have to look to those that are in the Florida Senate to see that the average senator’s wealth has increased by over $800,000 since he or she took office.

The financial gains of the US congress and their staffers are legendary. You only have to go to the books of Jack Abramoff to get a sense of how pervasive the corruption is. Politics like war is a racket and I doubt anyone ever captured the process with greater clarity than Gen. Smedly Butler when he said: WAR is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

The losses in lives can be seen in the jails and prisons of the nation where men, women and children are reduced to poverty and live long sentence of servitude and misery for crimes manufactured to exploit assorted weeknesses of the human condition created by a politcal structure unrelated to the well being of the nation.

Gadsden sheriff seeks 3rd term amid accusations of campaign violations and on a national scale there is this Obama Set For $35,000-Per-Person Dinner At Movie Mogul Weinstein’s Conn. Home

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