Obesity Surpasses Smoking in Terms of Ill Health Effects

The linked article is about public fat and it’s impact on health and the national health care network of Canada. Canada can make such broad connections because there is a national health care network and the data available for analysis is truly enormous.

Off the top comes this statistic and its impact is enormous: The study estimates that if obesity were not a factor, doctor visits in Canada would decrease by 10 percent. The decrease would be even greater if you take into account problems related to type 2 diabetes, which is also directly related to obesity and poor diet.

A 10 percent reduction in doctor visits does not mean a ten percent reduction in cost but a mega reduction in cost because the diseases related to obesity are: Diabetes, Cancer, Urinary incontinence, Depression, Chronic renal failure, Gout, Erectile dysfunction, Gastro-esophageal reflux disease, Stroke, Enlarged heart, Congestive heart failure and the beat goes on.

Obesity Surpasses Smoking in Terms of Ill Health Effects

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