Too High to Fail: Cannabis and the New Green Economic Revolution

 From the New York Times to the theme is finding expression time and time again. The war on drugs is not only a failure but has grown a police state that has no real function other than to be self-serving and all too often borders on corruption.

The books coming out are not just by street cops but judges, police chiefs and DAs. Where there is smoke there has to be fire. As I read through this litany of corruption and abuse, trends, themes and patterns of conversations I have had from the other side of the wire over the last 15 years are starting to make more sense. I am not just talking about prisons and jails in the state of Florida but federal prisons as well.

The shame is that kids are coming into this world trusting and ready to learn only to find a life of incarceration and suffering by the sheer luck of the draw as to the status of parents. They are not even getting to the starting blocks of life prior to being locked up and entering into a stream of life where recidivism is 68 percent.

Then there are those living off of the pain and suffering of these men and women. Not only is the criminal justice complex in this food chain but the bankers who hold their mortgages and politicians who depend on their financial contributions at election time.

TOO HIGH TO FAIL and then Brotherhood of Corruption: A Cop Breaks the Silence on Police Abuse, Brutality, and Racial Profiling and again Too High to Fail: Cannabis and the New Green Economic Revolution

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