Food and Food and Junk Food

 Over the years we have been learning a lot about the interaction of food and health. Many of those that have been in prison for any length of time will find that they have been caught up in a void of information on their health. This is a learning curve they will have to come up on very quickly if they are walking back into a life where they will have kids to take care.

A logical assumption is that if it is sold in a supermarket or can be purchased with food stamps is that it is safe to eat. This is far from the truth today. It may have been true when food stamps were first devised but the process has been corrupted through the political process of campaign funds and favors bought and sold.

Here are some links that will help in coming up on a lot of background very quickly:
7 of the Most Unhealthy and Potentially Cancer-Causing Foods : Exclusive Renegade Health Article and Mississippi fattest, Colorado thinnest in new federal obesity statistics and then Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children’s IQ and again How stress and depression can shrink the brain

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