States attorney office in Florida

 The states attorney’s office is arguably the most powerful office in any given county. It has the power to charge for a crime at whatever level they want by whatever standard of spin they choose.

Whereas the law is written and takes the state legislature to change it is its interpretation that rests with the state’s attorney and in theory the courts can check that power but many of the judges themselves are elected and as such avoid a political fight in the end.

The current race for state’s attorney highlights what might be considered an artificial crime wave by charging high and accepting a high plea bargain. This inflates their effectiveness at election by impressive numbers as well the statistics which portray a higher crime rate than actually exists. Bear in mind that over 90 percent of the inmates in state and federal prison go to prison without trial.

Here are two points in the political debate on the race in Tallahassee that do deserve attention.

1. “…“Now, he’s done some good things in his career, so he’s got a lot of supporters,” Williams said. “But he’s also made a lot of mistakes that have hurt a lot of people. He’s had absolute power, and now he wants four more (years).”…”

2. “….Meggs said he makes no apologies for entering DROP and taking a leave in 2008, which allowed him to take a $500,000 lump-sum payout of retirement benefits and collect a monthly retirement check on top of his $153,000 annual salary. He said if he hadn’t entered DROP, he’d get 100 percent of his current salary for life after retiring….”

There are tons of information here that point to the weaknesses of such power in the hands of those who will use it to their own ends….

State attorney candidates debate ‘the truth’

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