College Is No Place for Remedial Education

This is one of those items where there is no neutral ground. However, ‘…More than 2 million U.S. college students this fall will be spending a good bit of their time reviewing what they were supposed to learn in high school or even earlier….’ College Is No Place for Remedial Education

You can argue that parents don’t provide an environment for kids to learn and that society is not interested in setting the atmosphere for kids to learn. However, the bottom line is that it is the teachers job to teach. Education needs to adapt itself to whatever the the situation is and then teach within those parameters.

Granted it may be challenging but in this day and age, my own sense is that education as the work place has been focused on unions and benifit packages. Never have I seen a teacher’s strike for reform in teaching. You only have to look to the recent strike in Chicago to know that the city caved in because the state was a lynch pin in Obama’s relection. They were asking for the moon in pay raises and fighting any form of evaluation.Chicago teachers rally after tentative labor deal ‘….Emanuel angered the Chicago teachers by trying to push through proposals to radically reform teacher performance evaluations and weaken job protection for teachers whose schools are closed or perform poorly academically….’

‘..Teacher testing was inaugurated in Massachusetts in 1998 and a 59% failure rate among test-takers led to public shaming of the teacher candidates and their colleges and universities in the media. Within a two-year time period, low-performing teacher education programs in Massachusetts initiated a wide range of test preparatory activities which led to a dramatic increase in their students’ pass rates….’Besieged Institutions and the Massachusetts Teacher Tests Realize that this comes from a state that in many respects had a claim to be the home of education in the US.

In the 1960s, when I was a young marine, it was the standard for enlisted and officers alike that they be tested each year in both general military subjects as well as written tests in their specialties. These test were the basis of promotion eligibility. Then there were other criteria required such marksmanship scores, PT tests and on and on. However, fail the written tests and you were not even included in the following criteria.

Then in 1949, I so remember my dad spending hours at the dining room table reviewing regulations and technical manuals for promotion from Commander to Captain.

The crime of crimes is that the educational level of those in prison is about the 6th grade. The higher the education level attained in prison is the lower the recidivism rate. However, educating inmates lowers the overall incarceration ratios and that means empty prisons which translates into lower employment ratios among the unions whose income is tied to full prisons.

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