In Prosecutors, Debt Collectors Find a Partner

Any young mother coming out of prison attempting jump through the 10,000 hoops trying to get a life for her children as well as herself needs to pay close attention to banks.

You need an account for the most part to get a job as many employers will only pay by direct deposit. However, if you don’t use your account enough then you get penalized for an inactive account to the tune of $15 to who knows how much a month.

Now a new wrinkle has been added: ‘… The practice, which has spread to more than 300 district attorneys’ offices in recent years, shocked Angela Yartz when she was threatened with conviction over a $47.95 check to Walmart. A single mother in San Mateo, Calif., Ms. Yartz said she learned the check had bounced only when she opened a letter in February, signed by the Alameda County district attorney, informing her that unless she paid $280.05 — including $180 for a “financial accountability” class — she could be jailed for up to one year….’ The letter comes with the imprint of the prosecutor and amounts to guilty till proven innocent.

By the way, the posecutor gets a payback as well as the bank and collector. Makes you wonder if someone on parole or probation could be violated for such cause.  In Prosecutors, Debt Collectors Find a Partner

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