Who determines safety of new food ingredients?

Ayone who comes out of prisons after many years of incarceration might be forwarned that what is on the food shelf has not been approvd by the government as it was when they were incarcerated.

Among the opening statements in this article are ‘…Over the past 15 years, the vast majority of new ingredients added to U.S. food never received a safety determination from the government. And since 1958, at least 1,000 legally entered the food supply without the knowledge of government officials, according to the Pew Health Group….’

You may how is this ‘…The U.S. Food and Drug Administration acknowledges that since 1997, it has largely transferred the responsibilities for pre-market safety determinations on ingredients — including flavorings, preservatives, texturizers and binders — from its own scientists to food manufacturers…’

The answer is simple. The food business is bussiness and campaign contributions mean re-writing laws to the advantage of those making the contributions. The bottom line is don’t buy foods that appeal to the eye but keep it organic.

Who determines safety of new food ingredients? 
a. The government is responsible for ingredients introduced to the food chain.
b. The grocer who stocks the shelf
c. The shopper.
d. No one is responsible.

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