The Dragon Princess has a full grown tail

Hooked up the trailer and took it for a short ride. That mother is light as a feather and without some weight in the back it will flip like a pancake. What you see is two gas cans that will increase the cruising range by 100 miles each and there is space for a third can for water. My sense is that I will be able to put them inside a cooler and carry it dry on the road and ice it down in the evening.

This is an addition that most motorcycle trailers don’t have and my opinion is that they should be mandatory. It is a second joint (black in color) that allows the motorcycle to lean in a turn without flipping the trailer. There are a lot of exit ramps and tight turns I have experienced in places like the pig tail at Sturgis where either the bike will spill or the trailer will flip or who knows what. I have the chains and electric connection loose so you can see the connection better. Click on the photo and you will get a better view. I figure that in a 10,000 run with a trailer, don’t need to tempt the fates.

Over the last couple of weeks, have been playing with the idea of reducing everything I own to fit into the trailer (big box is 23 x 36 inches and tray is 14 x 23 inches) and one foot locker I would leave behind packed. This is not nearly as simplistic as it sounds. Traveling from Key West to Deadhorse means I would be carrying clothes for sub-tropical region to the Arctic Circle. I would have all sleeping gear to include tent and my books are pretty much in the Kindle and my DVDs have been transferred to a disk which I would back up. That means maybe one set of sheets, two changes of black prison clothes and that is pretty much it. All the extra stuff I had would vanish as well as all tools I have not used in the last year. That means when it was time to ride; I would be packed in 30 minutes and giddy-up. Talk about freedom.

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