Discover: The card that pays you back after you overpay

A business is treated a person in the eyes of the law and can donate money and etc. to the political arena.

However, when caught doing something illegal it gets fined and the regulators make money. Now, why on earth can not the entire corporate entity to include computers, records and staffing be sent to prison?

There is no doubt that it is a calculated risk they take when Discover Bank acted as they did and not one person that was on the board or in the decision making process as well as in the implementation lost a moment of pay or suffered any consequence to a planned and implemented illegal activity. This is a conspiracy to defraud. State and federal prisons have thousands incarcerated for like activities.

The Obama administration has a track record that is unequaled in the non-persecution of corporate crime. Maybe it is because they are so dependent on the campaign donations at election time.

 ‘…Discover Bank agrees to reimburse $200 million to consumers it pressured to buy credit-monitoring and other costly credit-card add-ons. Discover will also pay a $14 million fine….’   Discover: The card that pays you back after you overpay

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