The Audacity of an Imperial President

This is a great article that simplifies the issues on indifinite detention.  ‘…Judge Forrest made national news on May 16 of this year when she issued a preliminary injunction against enforcement of section 1021(b) of the NDAA which authorizes the indefinite detention without trial of those who “substantially supported” or “directly supported” al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and/or other “associated forces,”…’

On the surface, it sounds incredibly dry but the article is so well written and hits all the essential parts that it makes the Depart of Justice as well the administration look like a bunch fools not to be tolerated. However, the scary part is that as much as a bunch of fools they may look like, they do have the power of the gun and can point it in any direction they choose.

The Audacity of an Imperial President

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