Day 3 of ride to Cambridge

I guess this would be better titled Cambridge and beyond. Actually, Cambridge has always had a close spot in my heart as I once attended school just of off Harvard Square back in the day (1958). Used to ride the train from Newtonville to South Station and then take the subway to Harvard Square.

In many respects Cambridge is like any other university town in the nation. However, it is also unlike many university towns in the nation in that it gives new meaning to a cultural elitism with Harvard and MIT as the economic engines. However, as ego centric as they may be, they have yet to solve problems such as poverty and homelessness. This photo was taken just off Central Square which is the heart of Cambridge and in the shadows of the First Baptist Church.

The First Baptist Church of Cambridge. The congregation was formed in 1817 and the building constructed in 1881 if my memory serves me well. I guess you could call it one of my three existing favorite structures in Cambridge. Having said that there is a coffee shop on Mass Ave that runs a distant 4th called the 1369 Coffee Shop. A wonderful place that gives new meaning to an old and hallowed tradition of coffee shops.

No discussion of favorite places would be complete without mentioning Lendels. They make no pretense of offering baked goods of any redeeming social value. It is pure sugar, cream and etc. and good to the last crumb.   Have never visited Cambridge in the last two decades when I have not come by for my comfort food of scone and coffee. However, on this trip I was in for a surprise. Literally, had to go out a search out a newspaper. Where as there used to be all kinds of newspaper racks at the coffee shop there were none there now or in any of the places I would normally expect to find one.

The one place that is on the way to Lendels from the Cambridge Zen Center is an old fashion Irish pub that has survived all the make overs of Central Square as well as economic down and up turns of the state and nation. Mind you that in the two years I lived in Cambridge and all the times I have walked by it on my way to Lendels, never and not once have I entered its doors. However, to me, it one of the few landmarks that has endured.

If the day comes that I ever have to leave Florida for whatever the reason, this is the place I am headed to. It is the Cambridge Zen Center. I will get a room and live out my days. This is the kitchen and I have seen it evolve from a single room that fed 20 residents a meal to that of a kitchen that feeds some 40 without batting an eyelash. It is an intentional community and there is always someone in the kitchen cooking or eating.

All good things must come to an end and so did my stay at the Cambridge Zen Center. The backdrop is the dry bean shelf if you will. Well, dry beans, lentils, sugar, flour, and who knows what else. This is the same door I walked through two days earlier at 2130 when everyone in the kitchen came out in the dark cold drizzle to help me unload the Dragon Princes.

And there waiting like a faithful stead was the Dragon Princes loaded, ready and waiting for the key to be inserted in the ignition and turned only to roar to life and go in the direction she is pointed in. She left as she came in weather that was drizzly and cold. We headed into Boston and then south to Rhode Island and the Providence Zen Center.

As cold and drizzly as it was, the stop and go traffic of Boston allowed me to take off my gloves so that I could take a couple of pin photos with my water proof camera. Rain be it in the city or country has a constant quality that is universal. It is wet and rain in Boston was no exception. Driving in Boston on a motor cycle is not fun. There is no master schema to the traffic pattern other than for the street department to follow every cow path only to pave it over. Traffic comes at you from all directions and even my GPS was confused at times.

This is a photo you will have to click on it to blow it up and you will see where Boston General (Hospital) bill a bridge of sorts of the road and added three stories to it so they could get additional floor space to do whatever they had to do. I saw a like concept coming into Boston on Wednesday night only it was a supermarket whose entire store appeared to be built over the freeway coming into Boston. Good thing it was only 43 miles to the Providence Zen Center because I was not really up to 8 or 10 hours in this weather. Might not have much of a choice on Monday as the weather maps show 40 percent chance of thunder showers from Hartford to Washington, DC. Well that is two days of and we will just have to see what the fates have in store for us.

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1 Response to Day 3 of ride to Cambridge

  1. Lorianne says:

    Lendels? Is that what used to be Carberry’s? I guess it’s been too long since I’ve indulged in a “fat pill,” as I believe you used to call Carberry’s muffins, etc.

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