Meningitis outbreak toll: 205 cases, 15 deaths

This is one of those things that happens because it is allowed to happen. There is no doubt that hundreds of people knew of the potential for such an ‘accident’ that was born out of sloppiness that had been noted on previous inspections. However, this was a company that filled a critical void where there was a need but not a great enough need for big pharma to become involved.
Then again, it was a part of the pharmaceutical industry and it like the big pharma was trying to operate under minimal supervision and observation of the FDA. So, they operated under the cloak of a state company but then again they were filling orders from across state boundaries.
Politicians at the state and federal level could have created the structure to guarantee the safe operation but it was not in anyone’s best interest to do so as they were largely dependent on campaign contributions and political support big pharma could and did provide.
The FDA drew a large percentage of its research and higher level staff from big pharma. I have articles by what could be classified as whistle blowers of the incestuous movement of men and women between these two interest groups.
A favorite strategy of politicians is to limit the reach of quality control and safety inspectors by limiting budgets and inserting administrative hurdles that handicap inspectors from implementing timely corrective action and procedures. Investigative reporting is clear that the current outbreak of meningitis that has taken 17 lives and caused over 200 sicknesses was in place and reported as far back as 2009. Only nothing was done by the federal government, state of Massachusetts or the Company. Why: because it was in no ones best interest to do so.
Meningitis outbreak toll: 205 cases, 15 deaths This is not small business: “Massachusetts has 26 compounding pharmacies that account for 37 million prescriptions per year.”Meningitis deaths reveal gaps in rules on certain pharmacies
Sheriff charges Patrick with politicking during drug lab crisis
Pharmacy broke rules, Patrick says

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