What are your flags

Don’t know why this issue struck such a cord with me over the last couple of years but it has. On the way back from Providence I had some 1,200 or more miles not so much to think about it but it kept rising in my consciousness. I suppose that on any given day my rational would change but more often than no this is what it is.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would fly such colors but this I did from Gainesville to Cambridge and back which was some 2,500 miles up and down the east coast. Got quite a few comments on the road at stops. There were two of these flags flying from 5 foot PVC tubes that were 3/4 inch in diameter. The flags flapped and poles swayed. Definitely got the attention of everyone on the road.

Riding at highway speeds plus some ten or so extra MPH took their toll on the fabric and for sure will have to come up with a tougher design. What I did not count on was the attention they got when I was parked at the destination or where ever I overnighted. That my friends is exactly what they were intended to do. It only takes getting the attention of one person who has the resources and abilities to garner support for the issue to make it all worthwhile.

On another level, these flags were worth their weight in gold. The trailer had a powerful set of running lights that worked wonders at night but are worthless in the day. The motion of the flags in both night and day were definitely eye catchers and there is no way of telling how many times they saved me from drivers pulling into what might have appeared as empty spaces on the highways and byways I traveled up and down the coast.

On an average day, you can only see the two POW/MIA flags that fly from the back end of the motorcycle. Whereas they may raise a certain amount of awareness as to the issues as do the two pink flags, I suspect the purpose is to keep those issues on the front of my mind. Every time I fire up the engine, I consciously think of the thousands of men and women we have sent in harm’s way only to be ignored as we turn our backs on them when they return. Never does a day go by that I don’t ask myself what have I done to speak to both issues. I have felt the sting of disrespect and contempt from my fellow citizens and would wish that on no other man or woman who goes where there are sent in times of war.

Johnny Cash sings a song called this ragged old flag that I could not get out of my mind. It came to me every time I stopped the bike for whatever the reason and looked at the tattered flags. As I looked at them, any one of 10,000 thoughts came floating to the surface of my mind and yea, my flags are tattered and shredded for the most part they have meaning and that is what keeps me focused on the two things that count in my life.

Johnny Cash singing This Ragged Old Flag

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