Call 911 Good Samaritan Policies

There were 4,329 drug-related deaths in Florida from January to June 2011.
The highest occurring deaths directly caused by drug and alcohol:
* Benzodiazepines: 545
* Oxycodone: 607
* Methadone: 341
* Cocaine: 294
* Ethyl Alcohol: 269
There were 2,112 deaths directly caused by prescription drug overdoses
3.4 of every 1,000 infants born in a hospital in 2009 suffered from neonatal abstinence syndrome, caused by a withdrawal from drugs after birth.
Source: Florida Alcohol & Drug Abuse Association and the 2011 Medical Examiners Commission Interim Drug Report
New law aims to save lives in overdose situations
Call 911 Good Samaritan Policies

It is too bad that the state is not putting as much effort into preventive measures.

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