Palatka man pleads guilty to sex trafficking

 This is a story that I have heard I don’t know how many times in the jails and prison I have visited. This story highlights every aspect of the American culture that gives birth to the issues surrounding underage prostitution.

At the risk of being simplistic; the breeding ground of underage prostitution is the American family coupled with neglect or proximate abandonment. The American culture’s obsession with sex sets the stage. The final straw is the leaders of the community have abandoned their roles to set the example.

This is from a woman who spent her entire youth in foster homes and orphanages under state care. ‘..I was never taught things, I was neglected, so it was easily misled and didn’t know that knowing about a crime is as bad as doing it, I didn’t know anything but what I was told. Now I am warehoused because I didn’t report a crime….”

The outcome is a lot of women and children ending up in prison for charges that stem from neglect or proximate abandonment. Don’t believe it, then read the story and multiply it by tens of thousands. Now read the article.

Palatka man pleads guilty to sex trafficking

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