Deal on $300 million foreclosure settlement

This story reminds me of a massive class action suit against a software company that I was a part of the class action. I get a form from a law firm that said I had been defrauded and that they would make me whole again if I joint the suit. Some months later I got a check for 80 cents and a part of the settlement. I read that the company being sued paid out millions of dollars.

Well in this case, the state of Florida gets some $74 million put into the legislative general fund to be spent as they see fit. So, what happens is that the money meant to help the home owners is reduced by 25 percent off of the top. There is no telling what the intermediate government agencies will rip off.

Makes you wonder if the state main interest is not the interest of its citizens but to make itself well. Sort of like civil forfeitures in criminal cases. Makes you wonder if there is not a focus those crimes that have the highest return on the civil forfeitures rather than those that put the public safety in danger.

Deal on $300 million foreclosure settlement

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