Exam Said to Be Leaked to Guards at Nuclear Site

You have to ask yourself where are the checks and balances. The answer is most likely: there are none. It appears that no one in the government knew enough to write the exam and as such the contractor wrote and then administered their own exams. However, the most daming is in the sentence ‘…The inspector general added that “the issue at Y-12 does not appear to be unique to that site….'”

It would be interesting to see what other facilities that contractor had as well as what their record of political donations were in the last 10 years. Can you imagin the security level in a nuclear plant that is penetrated by an 82 year old nun.

Years ago at the start of the cold war, the Air Force had an Inspector General named General Lemay. He would get on a plane with his inspection team and fly to the Air Force Base designated to be inspected but without notice to the base. On landing, the first drill would be the base to go on full alert and the grading went on from there. Bad results meant heads would roll. To bad we lost the ability to implement the same services in the rest of the government. Maybe then it would be impossible for an 82 year-old nun to penetrate a nuclear plant. Just think what a terrorist could do.

This is not unlike the closing of the Dozier School for Boys in Florida when the federal investigation pointed out that this appeared to be a common feature that would be found throughout Florida. (do a search of Dozier for the entire story of the Dozier School for Boys in this blog).

Exam Said to Be Leaked to Guards at Nuclear Site

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