Help Women In Need

Seldom in the life of the average person does an opportunity of this magnitude appear to help those that have not had an opportunity to get to the starting blocks of life. A new program of character- and faith-based prison dormitories has been created to educate and transform incarcerated women so they can get meaningful lives on release, and volunteers are needed to help teach basic educational skills.

Many of these women lack the basic life foundations that we all take for granted. They face circumstances that cause them to struggle to provide for basic necessities, making it extremely hard to build a stable and safe life.


This Is Not Just About Women
This is also about their children. Upon sentencing, women are separated from their children and their children subjected to a host of forces that very often are similar to the experiences their mothers have endured. The result is their subsequent incarceration.

The Florida Department of Corrections has authorized the creation of a year-long curriculum presented by volunteers from the local community, faith groups, and agencies. Whereas faith groups and agencies are important, it is the individual volunteer that is critical and we do need volunteers. We need dependable men and women that can spare a half-day, a whole day, or couple of days a week on a regular basis. We need people from all age groups that can reach out to help. As critical as volunteers may be, they must also be able to commit. We are talking of a population that has been abused, lied to, abandoned and let down over and over again. We are talking about a population that has serious issues building trust. It is oh so counterproductive for them to start working and trusting only to be left in the lurch again and again.

The Goals of this Program are to

  • Increase personal and family responsibility
  • Increase employability
  • Help achieve educational improvement
  • Prepare inmates to be better citizens
  • Guide inmates through the preparation of a viable re-entry plan well prior to release.

You may not think you have skills to offer, but caring is 90 percent of the effort and we are glad to channel your talents to what could be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.ImagePlease contact K.C. Walpole at (352) 222-0006 or at if you are interested. Also know that K.C. is more than willing to visit with and talk to any group that is interested in learning more. He has a 15 minute PowerPoint that will help you understand both the dire situation faced by women prisoners and how to overcome it.

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One Response to Help Women In Need

  1. KC, may you be abundantly blessed so your important work may continue all the good work that you ceaselessly do without complaint. Please have a look at for an online candle and accessories show. Start up a candle club and you can raise funds quarterly. Ask the incarcerated women’s families to shop online at their convenience. Keep it simple and easy.

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