Battered Mothers, Child Custody, Court Abuse

This is a very powerful statement and it was not found in the press. There has to be a reason why and I sure would like to know and understand it.

” When it comes to Domestic Violence, besides all the other very unsafe reasons those with children will loose their children to the very animal who hurt them and their children. Many mothers,(most) have never seen their children again after the Courts gave their child[ren] to the Abusers. Most Children, if the survive, end up just like they were taught raised and reinforced by the Courts, as abusers themselves for boys and victims for girls. That is not county all the other trauma related issues. This has passed beyond just injustice but has stepped full fledge in Human Rights Violations. It truly is like the holocaust, the destruction of women and their children by the USA, Sanctioned Genocide Against Mothers and their Children. Right in Plain View,”

Only in Florida Law can something like this happen. However, as in any other advocacy, there is money to be made and this is no exception.  “For the past decade, Florida law has required that tax money to aid victims of domestic violence be controlled by a single group.

But Gov. Rick Scott wants to end the relationship after his office discovered the group’s president is paid more than $300,000 a year…”
Gov. Rick Scott takes aim at domestic violence group salary

Corrine Brown, others call out Jacksonville justice system in Marissa Alexander vigil
Battered Mothers, Child Custody, Court Abuse
Take a Stand against Domestic Violence!

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