Quadriplegic Rapist to be Released from Prison

Makes ya wonder if crime and punishment in our society is about crime and punishment or is it a business. It is the state’s job to protect everyone in prison. This the state failed to do.  Now the state is being relieved of the burdon of its failure. Something is very wrong with this picture.

‘…A California appeals court has granted the release of a quadriplegic rapist who was considered an excessive cost to the state.

Steven Martinez was convicted of several counts of violent rape in 1998 after he drove his car over a woman, assaulted her, kidnapped her and then raped her.

While serving his sentence in 2001, Martinez was attacked by two other inmates and was stabbed in the neck. The wound paralyzed him instantly. As an inmate, his caretakers say he remains an “angry, repulsive person.”…’

Quadriplegic Rapist to be Released from Prison

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